Ladies & Gentlemen Let’s Talk Compromise



     What is a relationship without sacrifices? Women have a tendency to be the person in the relationship to compromise. The Woman sacrifices her needs for those of her man, whether they vary from eating habits to sexual desires. Without her making that sacrifice, she will risk losing everything she has put in over time for: her relationship with her Man. But at what cost does a Man lose his relationship if he refuses to give up some of his guilty pleasures.  Why must, as Women, we have to sacrifice some of the joys in our lives, while our men sit back and indulge in all of their happiness, with a strong woman by his side. The Women, who chose not to negotiate or compromise, are seen as bourgeoisie, stubborn, hard-to-get, and my favorite, a bitch.
     How many times have we turned away that extra slice of bread? How many times have we not used a particular color nail polish because our “Man” hates that color on us? How many times have we not said what was really on our minds, in fear of hurting our men? But what about how we feel: those extra pounds he has added since you guys first met, those same pair of Hanes boxers with the holes in them that he wears all the time, and Lord the morning breath! Yet we don’t complain. We just do. At what point does our doing get rewarded?  Does it have to wait until Mother’s Day or the annual Anniversary? Even then we plan the events. We throw hints all year about what we want as that special gift, yet we just seem to know what he always wants.
      Our natural sense to nurture and satisfy is so strong that we subdue our own needs for our lovers. But it is time that men realize Women may be strong, but they have feelings too. Sure, they appreciate their Man’s honest opinion; but it is not what you say, it is how you say it. I say, Women and Men should declare a day out of the week where the Man in the relationship is not catered to, but the Woman is. It is the one day out of every week that he washes the dishes, or makes dinner. That night is the night he finally eats her up like the delicious woman she is; compared to her eating him every hour of the day.  Actions speak louder than words. You can tell anyone anything, but if your actions show differently that is what they are going to believe. It is time that Women stop being the only one to sacrifice or compromise their wants for the happiness of their Men. It is time for this generation of Men to step it up, and serenade their Women; then they wouldn’t have to be concerned about another Man stepping in to do their job!

Needing To Be Catered To Too.

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