The Power In Our Freedom To Dream


In the 1400’s, millions to 100,000,000 slaves were taken from Africa and brought to America. They were stripped of everything that held sentimental value to them. These slaves were taken from their homes and families, separated from their children, husbands, brothers and cousins were killed in the struggle to save what they called their “home”. They were taken into a new country that removed their ability to love. The women were raped and beaten until there was nothing left but whips, unwanted babies and a dream to be free.

Even though these African slaves thought they were left with nothing, they had the ultimate freedom: the freedom to dream. In life, the world is capable of stripping a person of everything – pride, dignity- the whole nine yards. But the one thing that has stuck with the human race for centuries that no scuffle, scratch or scar is capable of taking from us is our freedom to dream.  I have come to understand that the freedom to dream means freedom. With the freedom to dream we are free.

Now, take a moment to close your eyes. Think about all those people who started off with a simple dream and changed the world. You can even look at Martin Luther King Jr. and see that a dream can start out as something meek and minor, but change the entire world’s outlook on life. Because of those African slaves and people like Martin Luther King Jr., you learn to appreciate your freedom to dream.

Sweet Dreams,

Advid Dream Believer

4 thoughts on “The Power In Our Freedom To Dream

  1. I Like This A lot Some People Today Get Caught Up And The Hood And Thug Life To The Point They Stop Dreaming And Believe Dreaming Isn’t For Them . They Trying To Survive In Their Own Hood But Whatever Happen To The Dreams Of Getting Out The Hood And Doing Something Productive. Once You Stop Dreaming You Already Chained Up And No Longer Free.


    1. Exactly!! There are those people who are stuck in certain places in their life because they have lost sight of their goals and dreams. For example, I go to FAMU, and there are tons of students who spend 7 years in a four-year degree program! They get so entrapped in the idea of being “free” and the idea of being “grown”, they lose sight of what they are ultimately there for: to get that degree and go live out their dreams! It’s crazy how many obstacles life can throw your way and steer you completely off course.

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  2. Though I am not African American, I truly love this. I believe that one of the aspects that makes us human, is the yearn and ability to dream. Coming from Edison, I have witnessed the African American community being stripped of their humanity from society. I just hope that they realize the impact a dream can have; and to never stop dreaming.

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