Impetuous Love

Here is one of the many spoken words that I have written. This is the debut of this particular one, so I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to leave feedback or comment. All material on this blog is copyrighted.  If you would like to use the material, please contact me at


Living in a reality that wasn’t mine
Hiding behind the dark shades and blinds
Pretending to be blind
Knowing well enough I knew the truth
Just yearning to quench my sweet tooth
Breathing in his fresh sent
Thinking he was heaven sent
Thinking he was what I wanted
I invited him in
And since then I’ve been haunted
Taunted by his image
His hands holding me at my wrist
       “Is this how it’s suppose to go?”

       “Do I play along or say no?”

The decision was mine to risk
The scenario kept playing like a scratched disk
It was a grown woman’s game
Losing would put me to shame
Forcing me to take the blame

I wasn’t sure I was ready to play
But it was too late
He had me on my knees
Begging him please
Pushing my head into the carpet
Digging his nails into my black empty carcass
Silent screams became silent dreams
Desperate helps left desperate welts

Fighting a fight that I knew I couldn’t win
Each fight ended in him yearning to begin
Again and again
Nothing to gain

He dug deeper into my soul
Daring me to be bold
Looking into his eyes
As he consistently rode my–

Was all I could think about
The waves of electricity
Stripping me of my dignity
Thrusting back and forth
It was a feverish game of tug of war.
Naked on the floor
With tears in my eyes he told me to hit the door.

He had me constricted
Claiming I was addicted
He had nothing I wanted
Yet he flaunted
Stolen goods
Taking everything I had
He was glad

Watching me crawl to the door
Throwing me cash like an unsolicited whore
Spitting like I was a dirty hog
Vomiting on my heart
Watching it fall apart
Violent words
Slicing my throat
Chirping birds
Kissing where it hurt the most.

I was confused
He soon convinced me it was all for his amuse-ment
Or his way of showing me love
He would say
And I believed him every step of the way
I was living in a life he built for me
Not knowing who I wanted to be
Each time crawling to that door
I would turn right around and crawl for more

He was the one I adored
He loved me like no one else
The way he wrapped his hand around my throat
The way he pled for me not to go
The pain of his fist into my eyes
The way he apologized
And demanded me to never say good- bye
The way his bite marks were left on my skin
To the lies he tells the neighbors with a grin.

He loves me,
So why run from love?
Why push and shove?

At the end of the day
I win the game
I have the man even though he drives me insane
Til death do us part
Even if that means a knife through my heart

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