Allowing Yourself To Become A Risk Taker!

Become A Risk Taker
Become A Risk Taker

Hey Guys!

I know some of you want to kill me because I haven’t posted a blog post or poem in almost a month!  Trust me I completely understand and I apologize greatly. I’ve had an intense episode of writers block! During these past couple of weeks I have been hungry to have something to write about,  but just couldn’t seem to put it on paper, in fear that it just wouldn’t be good enough. But I have done some soul searching and self-exploration, I am anxious to share with you guys! Thank you for the continuous love and support, I can’t be thankful enough! I hope that my blog continues to inspire, motivate and push you to do the things you thought you weren’t capable of doing.

Naturally we are our hardest critic.  “What if I’m  on goodoing enough?” “What if people hate it?” “What if I SUCK?!” And God forbid we fail at something. But that’s the thing, to succeed at every thing doesn’t necessarily mean life or death. To succeed can mean to fail and try again. Take me for example, instead of me just writing a blog post or posting a image and not worrying about whether it is the best piece of literature or the best image I could find on the planet, I decided to not post at all. My fear of failure has prevented me from accomplishing what I set out to accomplish with my blog in the first place. And that’s just creating an oaisis, where people can come and realize that there is someone out there who thinks just like them.

Never Allow Your Fear Of Failure To Limit The Opportunities That Life Offers You!

As a theatre student, in high school my theatre teacher gave me the best advice that could have been given to me. “DARE TO SUCK.” I have tried my best to live by this quote in every life decision I make. A lot of times, my interns, friends and family will ask me, “Aaliyah, how are you so bold? How do you just get up and perform and speak in front of thousands of people? Aren’t you nervous?” I just have to sit there and laugh, because sometimes I ask myself the same thing!

I am always nervous and a lot of the time I second guess myself. But one thing I always tell myself is, regardless of if I feel like I am capable of doing the task or not, I will ALWAYS GIVE 100%. This is a promise I made to myself years ago, and living by it has never let me down. It has opened many doors for me actually.  It allowed me to get to know who I was and what I was really capable of doing. Did I succeed every time? Of course not! I dared to suck! I took a risk! And even in the times I failed, I never once regretted it. They were all amazing learning experiences.

Life is about making the wrong decisions and learning from them. Life is about exploration and trial and error. If you never took the risk to test if the stove was hot,  how would you have known it would burn? Don’t be afraid to try something new because you feel like you won’t be good at it! Don’t live your life in fear! DARE TO SUCK!

I want to challenge to go out and do something that you ha well always wanted to do, but felt you would fail at. Allow yourself to make discoveries about the type of person you are whIle you are doing this task. Even if you find out you genuinely hate the task, whether it’s trying new food, cooking for the first time, writing poem or even starting a blog of your own, find something that you enjoyed during the task. I would love to hear how it goes! Feel free to share your new experience with me!

Remember DARE TO SUCK!


The Risk Taker!

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