OMG! I Think I Offended A Light Skin Girl

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard M. Baruch

To be honest with you, within the first 45 seconds, I didn’t see that person I went to class with. Instead, I saw a light skinned girl lacking authenticity. I saw a light-skinned African American girl that fit the stereotype that society puts on her.

The other day in class I told one of my classmates that I would be willing to watch her YouTube Channel. Now, I am all for supporting anyone when it comes to their crafts, so I took the time to watch it on her face. After watching the first 45 seconds of her video, I stopped watching.

I guess you can say I had already made up my mind about how/ where the video was going. And I wasn’t interested.

My classmate is a beautiful light-skinned Afrocentric young lady. She fights for all the rights that blacks have/want, she is all for fighting stereotypes that society puts on African Americans in general.

That’s not the girl that I met within those 45 seconds. The girl I met came off as arrogant and just all about make-up and body image.

And that girl is not the girl I had a class with though. And that bothered me.

But how did I end up in her ring of fire? How did I a fellow African American advocate end up with another person in her race tell her she’s a racist?

Well, I all started when I opened my big mouth. I told her: “The way you look is completely different from your personality.”

Yeah, I said it! And I said it with a smile on my face too.

Her response came with confusion, a contorted face and much animosity and tension.

In my head, it was a compliment. I was telling her that she wasn’t a stereotype. That though the first 45 seconds of her video may have made it seem like she was, she truly was the opposite of the “light-skinned” girl stereotype.

Instead, she takes it as me being racist and judgmental. She replied with “Sorry, I can’t change my face to suit you. Maybe I should just change my face suit you, maybe I should just become dark-skinned.”

(I think that was suppose to be an insult considering I am dark-skinned)

Really? I get tired of these just became “I-fight- for-my-rights” type of girls. Those “I-am- natural-you aren’t-so-you-S.U.C.K” type of girls.

They are extremely annoying.


 I felt like she was too ready to spark a racial argument so she could encourage all the light skin girls of America to unite against my little self.

Now, granted, I did judge. I was giving her the opinion of someone who had only watch the first 45 seconds of her video. It is natural for me to gain a conclusion about who you are within the first 15 seconds of meeting you. Job selectors go through this process all the time. After those 15 seconds, they give you the other 30 seconds to prove/share/shed light on who you really are.

I honestly feel like she wanted a moment of righteousness. She wanted to broadcast and share her “fight-the-power” moment.

And instead of trying to approach the situation from a level of understanding, she decided to spread rumors about me being an ethnic racist. She flaunted around class claiming that I encourage the light-skinned versus dark-skinned phenomenon.

When in fact it was her.

We are both in college, yet I always come across close minded people who try to influence you with all their shenanigans but want to kill you and burn you on the cross the minute your opinion differs from theirs.

I was taught that when you are a scholar you are a scholar because you continue to yearn for knowledge. You are a scholar because you are constantly looking for opinions that differ from yours so you can broaden your horizons.

But unfortunately, the world apparently isn’t producing scholars anymore. Instead, they produce robots. People who are generated the have the same ideas and values.

What is life without controversy ladies and gentlemen?! What is life without indifference?! It is too perfect to even want to exist in, that is what I say it is.

Our society’s thirst for perfection is too real! It is getting ridiculous.

Personally, I am too different. I am too unique. I am too intelligent. I am too socially aware to settle for being g called a racist for sharing my opinion or being ostracized because my opinion is completely different from my cohorts.

Come on people this is not a foreign country where someone gets shot and killed by the government because they don’t agree with government party.

What happened to the land of the free? And my First Amendment right?

So, to the girl in my class: (note how I have used the word girl)

I apologize if I offended you, but I don’t apologize for complimenting you on how you differ from societal norms, and how you are indeed a young lady that walks in zig-zag when people walk in a straight line.

I am sorry that the world has corrupted our minds so much, that we don’t even know how to act when we get a compliment.

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