God Has Just Been Too Good!!


Often I find myself trying to stay away from religious blog posts, only because I know there is a diverse group of traffic that comes through WanyáSays and I would never want to offend anyone.
But the older I get the more God becomes so evident in my life, that it would be a slap in His face if I didn’t share with the world, truly how awesome the God I serve is!

This past year has definitely filled with its ups- and-downs, from dying/died out relationships to drying/dried out pockets.
This year was so powerful, I had no choice, but to fall on my knees and just tell God “Thank You!” And not just for the blessings, but also the trials and tribulations.

Every-now-and-then, your faith will be tested. Everyday is a test of how much you love God and how much you are willing to give uo your earthly ways in return for Jesus’s oh so heavenly ways. This year was truly a test of TRUST in God and His plan for me. How willing was I to allow His Will to be done and not my own.

So I am writting this post to share a few words of encouragement. To tell you, from experience, that all you have to do is trust in God’s plan for you!

Trust in His Word!

Believe that He has the power to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all we could ever ask for or imagine.
God has a plan for His children and all we have to do is stay close to Him and depend on Him and NOT on man!
It may seem hard right now, but God has something in the works for you, just like He does for me. His Word says “He will never leave you or for sake you,” trust His word.

Have FAITH the size of a mustard seed. That is all you need!

And remember: You Can Do ALL THINGS, through Christ Jesus who STRENGTHENS you!

With love,
A Woman Sharing Her Testimony!


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