Marketing Monster


Walking up to the small single door, covered in a pixelated photo of an alarm system with an iridescent blue background with the words “South Security,” I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was this wasn’t a paid internship and I would be helping the company grow. But what did that mean? How would I help them grow? I was a journalism student about to take on the monster of marketing. For an official company at that.

I opened the door to a small office space with a worn leather couch and an alarm bell greeting me.

“This place is kind of small,” I thought to myself. But little did I know, it doesn’t take 50 people to make a company successful, 5 passionate and ambitious people can create a million-dollar company.

The operations manager, Nickya’s, voice cut into my thoughts. “Hi, you must be Aaliyah! Come over here and let’s have this interview.”

As the interview process went on I was excited and optimistic to find my place in the company, and to try a skill I knew how to do, but never had the opportunity to develop. I was officially a marketing intern! Who would have thought!


Working with Signature Home Theaters for this past week has been a mind-altering experience. In just three days, I have learned about the company, it’s income, and marketing strategies. I have even placed an input on their website’s soon-to-come updates.

Marketing is definitely a monster, a beast of it’s own kind, but I feel as though I can connect with my inner monster and tackle it, head on. My experience this far has also shown me why Public Relations (PR) and Journalism can go hand-in-hand. If you can not write, you can not eat. Literally. Writing is life. At least in these two fields.

Helen Keller once said, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” And my one week experience with Signature Home Theaters, has not been limited to just a public relations crash course. It has also been the crash course of reality.

With the guidance of the people in the work room and Nickya, the life lessons I have learned from “Habit 1: Be Proactive” and “Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind” in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are echoed considerably louder.

For example, in my first day on the job, I suggested that the company find a better marketing website that could make more attractive and entertaining newsletters to increase their news letter reads from 37 percent to 100 percent. Nickya found a marketing website called and I had much more freedom in the creation of the newsletters. I completed my first Signature Home Theaters newsletter in a matter of minutes and my supervisors were impressed.

Nickya mentioned, “Wow, you moved faster than I did and this is your first day!”

By being proactive and following through, I showed my willingness to work diligently even on a task I may have not been familiar with. Ultimately this one experience encompassed both habits in one.

As I enthusiastically wait for Monday to arrive, I am dreaming and preparing for my next point-of-attack on a monster called Marketing.

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