About WanyaSays

cooltext169216192150352 WanyaSays (pronounced Wan-Yay)

An Oasis

Promoting individuality

Promotes Education and Social Awareness

Creating connections between one another at a common ground.

Inspiring and motivating readers and writers to find an outlet that works for them.

WanyaSays: You are entitled to your opinion, do not let others silence your voice!

 You are not and will never be alone.

Realize that there are thousands of other people who feel the exact same way as you, who have gone through your exact same situation and maybe worse.

And thus WanyaSays was born!

I hope you discover new things about yourself and others as you go on this crazy advtenture with me.

From real life situations to highly discussed topics with friends and family, WanyaSays has no censor and is willing to get down to the “nitty-gritty” of any story or situation!

Thank you for the support!


Aaliyah Wanya (Wan-yay)