Marketing Monster

Walking up to the small single door, covered in a pixelated photo of an alarm system with an iridescent blue background with the words "South Security," I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was this wasn't a paid internship and I would be helping the company grow. But what did that mean? … Continue reading Marketing Monster


Myth Buster: The Florida State University’s “Rape Trail”

Florida State University (FSU) students crowd the FSU Bike Trail as a shortcut to the Doak Campbell Stadium. Clothed in garnet and gold the Seminoles clasp their spears, beers, and erupt in cheers, walking on the trail that was once known as the “FSU Rape Trail.” Florida State University’s Bike Trail has seen its days … Continue reading Myth Buster: The Florida State University’s “Rape Trail”

A Love Like No Other

When I was three years old, my family and I gathered at my Uncle Brian's house for a family-get- to-together, and my dad saved my life. You see Aaliyah Wanyá, at the age of three, was so confident, she trusted her instincts and, and honey, that 3'4 little chocolate drop thought she knew everything! And … Continue reading A Love Like No Other

Allowing Yourself To Become A Risk Taker!

Hey Guys! I know some of you want to kill me because I haven't posted a blog post or poem in almost a month!  Trust me I completely understand and I apologize greatly. I've had an intense episode of writers block! During these past couple of weeks I have been hungry to have something to … Continue reading Allowing Yourself To Become A Risk Taker!